Tokaido is a stunningly beautiful game for 2 -5 players with each player taking the role of a traveller who is crossing the magnificent East sea road. Designed by Antoine Bauzay, it is a nice chilled out game and part of that chilled out nature comes from the beautiful artwork by Xavier Gueniffey Durin.


Along the way players will be able to visit temples, discover spectacular panoramas, taste incredible foods, meet many different people and even do a bit of shopping. Unlike most games it isn’t the end of the road that matters but the journey you had along the way.

Tokaido is a game that doesn’t really come to NoBoG all that much and ever time it has I have usually had other games already planned. However recently I was able to finally get a game of it at my local board gaming group in Norwich and I have to say that it was great to play a nice child out game for a change.


One of the things that I liked about this game was that turn order was decided by whoever was furthest behind on the board. So when it comes to your go you can either move slowly and take more turns or move more rapidly to secure the spots you need before the others take it from you.

Another thing I liked about this game was the flexibility it gave you when it comes to picking up points. Every stop gives you the potential to get points but as you can’t do everything you have to stop and think about what you want and what the other players might want as well. It is certainly a lot to think about that’s for sure.



Along the way there are also several opportunities for players to rest and get a bit to eat and maybe score a few more points.Points can also be gain through various set collection methods and some spaces such as the Baths give you points for just turning up. There was also a lot of opportunity for bonus points for those who did certain things a lot.

I myself ended up with the baths bonus for going there six times, Matt ended up have the most encounters and Jen donated a lot to the temple. Newcomer to the group Jonathan did a lot of shopping and got that bonus while JD did saw a lot of panoramas if I remember correctly.


Whatever happens over the course of the game, whatever the other players decide to do, I am sure you will have a nice relaxed time playing this game. Most of us were playing for the first time and we all had such a great time playing it at NoBoG.



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