Carcassonne Gold Rush

Back in 2000 Carcassonne was first released, it was and still is a tile laying game for 2 to 5 players that involves players placing down meeples on an ever growing city. Since then we have seen many expansions and several different versions including this one set during the gold rush.


Carcassonne Gold Rush works pretty much the same way as the original version but with a few key differences. Instead of cities you get mines which get you gold when you complete them, however if you take to long then the other players can come in and steal some of the gold.

There are also train tracks instead of roads and cities instead of monasteries. A train on the line is good but for obvious reasons two is not. However the really interesting bit is with the cities as they need each line fully connected unlike monasteries which required being surrounded.


One of the interesting things about this version of Carcassonne is that unlike the original you are able to take guys back from the field. This saves you from loosing a meeple for the entire game due to early bad decisions. However it does take a turn for you to do this so it is not something you would do a lot if you can help it.

another interesting element of the game is the ability to move your tents to other players mines in order to steal their gold. The gold could be worth anything from one to five points or it could be a rock and worth nothing. Now this may not seem like much but it certainly adds an element of suspense to the end of the game.


I certainly found the ability to move into other players cities and steal their gold to be quite valuable as matt will attest. When it came to my last tile I decided to help complete a mine Jen had been stuck with. In doing so I may have handed her the win but at least I was able to secure second place.




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