Chicken Caesar

Chicken Caesar sees each player representing a different ancient Roman Chicken family who are trying to create a legacy for their family name. Fragile Alliances, bloody vendettas and negotiations galore will separate the forgotten from the truly legendary.


The game itself says it will take around 90 minutes and the six of us that played it at our local game night found that to be pretty true. Three players are a minimum for this game but I would be interested in seeing what is would be like at the four and five player counts.

The way it works is that players try to gain and maintain areas of influence through voting and negotiation. Each office awards the chickens in them a token which will award players points at the end of the game, however each chicken can only have one of each token.


There are five offices in total and while three can hold multiple players, there are two with only one spot. One of those is the chicken Caesar and they have the power to veto any vote which sounds like it would be pretty powerful but in our game it was’t used once.

What all of this means is that if you want to succeed then you will need to bribe and make deals with your fellow players. If you are anything like us then you find all of this a bit odd at first but as time goes on you find that all of this becomes second nature.


Chicken Caesar was a pretty decent game even if the chicken theme is a bit of a novelty but hey it did a good job of getting us interested in playing the game. The mechanics worked in the context of this game and I think it can only get better on the second play through.



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