With the release of Logan, Hugh Jackman has now been playing the character of wolverine for a whopping 17 years. Set in 2029, Logan’s health is dwindling as he works as a driver in order to pay for the medicine needed to help an ailing Professor X.


Logan also features Professor X played by the incredibly talented Patrick Stewart. This is the last wolverine film and the last time we will see both of these characters played by these actors. The film also introduces us to a bunch of other characters including Laura (Dafne Keen) who many will know to be a character by the name of x-23.

James Mangold directs once again after working on The Wolverine back in 2013. While that film was full of action and superhero flair, this time around the claws are bloodier and the tone is so much darker. These people are not trying to save the world from some ultimate evil, they are just trying to get a little girl to safety and that’s what males this film work.




The film opens on Logan waking up to defend the car that he drives in order to pay for the medicine that keeps Charles from loosing control of his powers. However Logan is not that well himself and struggles to keep up with the fight. That being said once he goes into full rage mode he is able to tear the bad guys limb from limb which was awesome to watch.

Losing control of yourself can be incredibly scary for but what happens when that person has one of the most powerful brains on the planet. The devastation caused by loosing the control of ones power is shown and it is jaw dropping to watch. The director lets the action speak for itself with not a word being spoken.



At its heart this is a road movie with a reluctant hero who ends up doing the right thing to save someone who can’t save themselves. One of the things that I liked most about Logan was the way it explored his friendship he had with the professor and how Laura fitted into the family dynamic.

Caliban (Stephen Merchant) made for an interesting addition to the story. However every time I saw the character I couldn’t help but think of the man underneath the mask. when it came to the bad guys I was glad to see that I could understand their motivations and you know what, I actually thought that they were pretty decent.


Head bad guy a.k.a. Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) was interesting to watch and so was Dr. Rice (Richard E. Grant) even if he was more of a throwaway bad guy than anyone else. The Bone Breaker made for an interesting challenge for Logan, especially as he looked very much as if he had been made from the same stock.

Watching the family scene made for a nice change of pace which is why the first Logan VS Bone Breaker fight was so incredible to watch. It was unexpected and so very much fun to see that when we came to round two, the stakes got so much higher. Logan got so feral in that final fight that I think he could give Rogue one’s Vader a run for his money.


There are a lot of brilliant fight scenes in this film and I particularly liked it when we got to see the kids working together at the end. Watching X-23 team up with Logan at the end of the film was a joy to watch and something I can’t wait to see again. Dafne Keen works well alongside Hugh Jackman and I really hope that we get see more from her in the future.

This film also has plenty of heart as well as humour which was great to see. It may be a bit of a darker film than we are used to for these characters but I actually think it works rather well in this context.


Logan is a brilliant film and I can think of no better way to say goodbye to these characters than what I saw here. The story is simple yet brilliant, the performances are fantastic and I really think that you will not want to miss this film.




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