A Viking Called James

Vikings Gone Wild is a deck building, resource management game for 2 to 4 players. I was lucky enough to have a couple of goes at this game thanks to the wonderful staff at Athena Games in Norwich.

On the first Sunday of the month Athena Games hosts a board game evening and each month they pick a game to demo. This month it was Vikings Gone Wild, the first thing that I noticed about this game is the brilliant artwork by Mateusz Komada.


The game is really nice laid out thanks to designer Julien Vergonjeanne and it didn’t take us long to be come acquainted with the game. The Athena Staff did a great job of telling us how the game worked and it wasn’t long before we were off on our own.

Our first game consisted of Ed, Ben and two guys called James so naturally we decided that all the Vikings were called James. What I really liked about this game was that there were a lot of different strategies for you to pursue in order to get the most points.



Points can be gained in a number of ways from upgrading your town hall to completing quests but the easiest way is by fighting your opponents. However if that opponent stops your attack then they will get the points so you really have to pick your battles.

The other interesting thing about fighting is that once you have attacked an opponent you can’t attack them again until you have hit each other player. This did get a bit confusing at times but as the game went on we all thought that this was a pretty cool mechanic.



Although if you are not much of a fighter then there is still plenty for you to do as you can take cards from the Odin’s path track to get cool bonuses. There are also buildings which produce the only materials vikings need, gold and beer.

During our first game it became clear that the other James was running away with victory thanks to a deck that was working really well for him. However Ed had a cunning plan and managed to steal victory right at the end by taking all four of the bonus point cards.


Meanwhile I was having no such luck, mostly due to the fact that us players had misread a rule that ended up dampening the spirit of the game. However the staff at Athena Games were nice enough to let me stay on for a second game with three brand new opponents.

This time around I focused on fighting the other players a lot more which got me a lot of points and even helped me complete a few missions. Knowing a bit more about this game definitely made the game a lot more fun and it was nice to end the night on a win.

Check out Vikings Gone Wild on Board Game Geek to find out more.

The staff at Athena Games are incredibly helpful and I had a really good time at their board game evening. If you are in Norwich then I would highly recommend checking them out as well as taking a look at this game, it really was a lot of fun.

Here is another review of Vikings Gone Wild.


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