Kong Skull Island

Three years ago we had Godzilla and now Jordan Vogt-Roberts brings us the story of a team of scientists who venture into the domain of the mighty Kong. However what looks like an idlic primal eden, quickly turns into a fight for their survival.


Kong doesn’t wait long to make his entrance in this film but it is not until everyone arrives that he truly reveals himself. The image of the first time we see him in full was an amazing sight and one I definitely won’t forget anytime soon. Throughout the film we see him fight a bunch of creatures as well as humans but for the most part we don’t really see him.

Instead we focus on the human story and there are quite a lot of characters and good actors playing them. However the vast majority of them are pretty forgettable which lessons the emotional impact when they inevitable run foul of the primal creatures. However there are still some characters that make some sort of impact.


The two main characters that we follow are James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) and Mason Weaver (Brie Larson). These two are like the moral centre for the film as they try to work out exactly what is going on. However much like the rest of the cast they don’t do a whole lot which means that when they do it kind of takes you out of the film a little bit.

Unlike the majority of the other characters the motivations for Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) were pretty clear. His actions and reasons for what he did may not have been that subtle but dam if he wasn’t at least interesting. His final showdown with Kong towards the end of the film was also pretty cool to watch.



John C. Reilly brings a bit of humour and levity to this film as Hank Marlow even if some of his humour doesn’t quite land as well as it could have done. However much like Packard he does at least make things a bit more interesting.

However the main attraction of this film is kong and his fights with the as yet unidentified creatures that come from beneath the earth. The big fight at the end was pretty cool to see at least and I just wish that we could have seen more of the fight and Kong in general.


Overall this film was mostly there just to set up a possible fight between King Kong and Godzilla. The story and its characters were pretty simple and once you accept that you will know what you are letting yourselves in for should you chose to go and see this film.


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