Patriots Day

Last year Peter Berg brought us the story of the 2011 tragedy at Deepwater Horizon and now he turns his attention to the Boston Marathon Bombings. It is the story of the 2013 bombings that hit the Boston Marathon and the city wide manhunt to find the terrorists responsible.


Mark Wahlberg was in both Deep Water Horizon and Patriots day as the main character  and we see these events primarily through his eyes. Here he is playing a character called Tommy Saunders who worked well in the context of the story even if he is a composite of several different people who were actually there that day.

What I liked about this film was that it took a look at the people affected by the bombings, the police as well as the two men who were responsible for this act of terror. When I went to see this film I did wonder how they would show everything and I actually thought that the filmmakers handled the story pretty well.


John Goodman puts in a good performance as Commissioner Ed Davis while J.K. Simmons also puts in a good show as Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese. Kevin Bacon also pops up in this film as Special Agent Richard DesLauriers and even the director gets him moment on screen if you able to spot him amongst everything else that is going on.

Films that are based on true events and particularly ones that happened in living memory can be tough to make, especially when it only happened four years ago. However I thought that director handled it really well and I thought the end credit sequence worked really well .



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