Doctor Who Series 10: The Pilot

Doctor who has finally returned to our screens after an extended break not counting the christmas special of course. Series 10 introduces us to new companion Bill played by the amazingly talented Pearl Mackie.




Matt Lucas also makes a returns to Doctor Who as fan favourite Nardole who we last saw in the christmas special. Peter Capaldi is back as the Doctor and I have to say that I really liked the interplay he had with both Matt Lucas and Pearl Mackie in this episode.

One of the things I love most about getting new companions is the first moment that they enter the Tardis. Bill’s reaction was great and further showed why Bill and the Doctor are going to work so well together.


Stephanie Hyam also joins the cast of this episode as Heather, a character that gets a bit wrapped up in the whole alien thing. Heather doesn’t really have much to do in The Pilot but she does help the plot along at a few key points and helps to show off what Bill is like as a character.

Right from the off it is clear that this episode is going to focus much more on the Doctor and Bill rather than an alien threat. There is also some nice little easter eggs for the long term fans of the show and a little bit of mystery to keep people wondering about what is exactly inside that vault. gallery-1492182108-pilot-vault-light

The Pilot is something of a soft reset before the bigger changes happen when both peter Capaldi and show runner Steven Moffat leave the show at the end of the series. I thought that the paring of the Doctor and Bill Worked really well and I can’t wait to see what the future or the past has in store.


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