Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Directed by Patty Jenkins is an origin story for Diana, princess of the Amazons. Growing up she learns to fight but it is not until a pilot crashes and tells of a great war that she is able to discover her power and destiny.



Gal Gadot stars as Wonder Woman in her first solo outing after being a part of Batman v Superman back in 2016. As I have said this is very much an origin story for Diana and it does a great job of showing how she became a warrior. The film also did a brilliant job of developing her character with a kind of fish out of water story structure.

Chris Pine joined the cast as an american Spy named Steve Trevor who literally brings the war to Themyscira. Not only is this a great introduction to Steve but it also brings us an incredible action scene and a way to move the story on. Steve and Diana worked very well together and it was great to see that both of them had their own goals.


Diana has to navigate a world in which she knows very little about when she comes face to face with the realities of WW1.. She is pure of heart, optimistic and highly motivated which often outs her at odds with lack of equality during that period of history. At least it creates some humorous encounters.

One of the most impressive scenes in the entire film is what many people refer to as the no mans land scene. This scene shows us just how strong and incredible Diana can be in addition to being an impressive spectacle in its own right. It uses a lot of slow mo, maybe a bit to much if i’m honest but one things for sure, you won’t forget this scene in a hurry.


The Bad guys in this film are probably one of the weaker parts of this film in that they are not that memorable. This time around we have Danny Huston as General Ludendorff and Elena Anaya as Dr. Maru. Both put in decent performances but when the credits roll it is not them that you will be remembering.

What you will be remembering is that the DCU have finally put out a decent female lead superhero film and that is something i’m sure we would all like to see more of that in the future. Wonder Woman was certainly one of most enjoyable films that I have watched in recent times and I can’t wait to see what they do next.


P.s. Here’s a random thought I had while leaving the cinema. what is the deal with Planes and guys named steve, is it just a superhero film thing?


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