Baby Driver

Directed by Edgar Wright, Baby Driver is the story of a young Getaway driver working off a debt to a crime boss. Baby Driver stars Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and a whole host of talented actors.


Having seen some of Edgar Wright’s other works including Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead I had some idea what to expect from this film. However this film was still able to do a great job of surprising me, especially in the opening of the film when only music was used to introduce the type of story we would be watching.

Baby played by Ansel Elgort suffers from tinnitus and plays music to drown out the hum and the drum while also being an exceptionally good getaway driver for Doc played by Kevin Spacey. The scenes with the two of them together are brilliant to watch and while Doc is not on screen all that much, all the scenes he is in pack a punch.


Lilly James joins the Cast as Debora, a waitress and love interest who like Baby dreams of driving of into the sunset. Watching their relationship grow over the course of the film is a pretty cool part of the film, I just wish that Debora had a bit more to do than just serve the other characters. Jon Hamm …

Buddy played by Jon Hamm and Darling played by Eiza González are two characters that help fill out the crew. Buddy and Darling have such great chemistry together that you do buy into the change that comes over Buddy in the final act of the film. The breakdown of their relationship with Baby was also particularly enjoyable to watch.



Lastly we have Jamie Foxx who plays Bats, a character who introduces a bit of craziness into the mix which can only mean bad things for Baby. The film certainly gets a lot more interesting at this point as we start getting a lot more conflict between Baby and the rest of the crew, especially when they make certain discoveries about Baby.

Much of what drives Baby is clearing his debt and making sure that no harm comes to the ones he loves. This is especially clear with his relationship with his adopted father Joseph played by  Cj Jones who communicates with Baby through Sign Language. The scenes between them may not be many but they were enjoyable to watch.


What makes Baby Driver an interesting film is the ways it takes filmmaking elements we all know and does new and interesting things with them. The action and the use of music is very well done and while this may not be Edgar Wright’s greatest work it is certainly a unique and exciting bit of cinema.




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