Game of Thrones S7 EP1: Dragonstone

Game of Thrones series 7 finally hit our screens this week and right from the start I knew that this was going to be a good episode. Now seeing as not everyone has seen Game of Thrones yet I am going to give out a general spoiler warning so if you haven’t watched the episode yet I would suggest doing that first.


Right now thats out of the way I can get on with talking about Dragonstone, episode one of Game of Thrones. Series 7. The episode has a cold opening which seemingly is a flashback of Walder Frey played by David Bradley congratulating his men. However it soon turns bad when the all stark dying and Arya Stark has that amazing reveal leading us into the start of Series 7


Meanwhile a lot of things are happening up in the north with Bran and Meera making it back to the wall, the advancing Whitewalkers and some brilliant scenes between Jon and Sansa. Many people have also noted that Sansa’s hair is also a lot like Cersei’s, what tells us about her character is still yet to be seen. However one of my favourite lines was the put down she had for Littlefinger when she assumed he wanted to say something clever.

Speaking of put downs we also got a great one from Lyanna Mormont who delivers a powerful put down to the other more cautious Stark bannermen. Meanwhile Cersei in Kings Landing puts Euron in his place as he promises to return with a gift. Many people online seem to think this means Tyrion and while I think that would be interesting, I do kind of hope that it will be something to even the odds against the dragons.


The Hound and the brotherhood without banners make an appearance although I will have to admit it did take me a while to recognise why the hound didn’t want to stop at the place they did. However I did think it was pretty cool when the Hound looked into the flames and saw what is happening. We also got to see a bit more about his character which was also very interesting.

Ed Sheeran has a cameo in this episode with a new song for Game of Thrones which was nice enough although it’s no Rains of Castermere. Jim Broadbent also joins the cast as an Archmaester called Marwyn who has a really engaging discussion with Sam Tarley. Sam has to deal with a lot of shit in this episode but at least he started to get somewhere with his studies, he even ran into what looks to be a very heavily greyscaled Jorah.


Last and by no means we have Danerys and her allies arriving on Dragonstone which is the ancestral home of the Targaryans. Ever since the start of Game of Thrones we have been waiting for this moment and I really liked how the whole sequence was played out in silence. Danerys one and only line “Shall We Begin” ends the episode and that whole journey on a deeply satisfying note.



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