Game of Thrones S7 EP2: Stormborn

Episode two of series seven of Game of Thrones saw a lot of reunions and a lot of action in more ways than one. If you haven’t watched the episode yet then I would recommend doing so, not just because it was good but also because the internet and this post is dark and full of spoilers.


Well I say dark its more stormy, or at least it was at Dragonstone where this weeks story began with Danerys receiving counsel from Tyrion and her followers. Danerys utilising a line from Tyrion was pretty cool but the best bit was when she questioned Varys’s loyalty and he came back with a brilliant performance that puts him firmly on team Targarian.

Melisandre arrives on Dragonstone and wastes no time in setting up a meeting between Danerys and the king in the North Jon Snow. Given what Melisandre has been up to over the last couple of series it will be interesting to see what she gets up too. Lady Olenna has some great advice to Danerys and I really hope that we get to see more from her in the rest of series 7.


Upon receiving messages from both Sam Tarly about Dragonstone and one from Danerys to come and bend the knee it looks like the show is heavily pushing them together. What I liked about these scenes was the shocked reaction it got from his bannermen which had Jon facing revolt. The looks from Littlefinger were also intriguing and I thought the scene between him and Jon in the crypt got pretty intense to say the least.

Meanwhile in Kings landing Cersei is making her case against Danerys to the lords to try and convince them not to fight for Olenna. Randall Tarly makes an appearance as Jamie tries to recruit him to be his general. It was not clear from the episode what side Tarly is on but I guess we shall have to wait and see.


Back in the citadel Sam Tarly has another great scene with and Archmaester Marwyn as they try and help Jorah Mormont who we very briefly saw last week. This is the first we have really seen of how the greyscale has affected him and let me tell you, even I had to look away when Sam started trying to remove it the top layer of Jorah’s skin. Last week we had poo and this week we had puss, I dread to think what we will have next.

Arya had her first of two reunions in this episode when she came across Hot Pie, if you don’t remember who that is then shame, shame, shame. Whatever it was great to see him if only that it allowed Arya to find out about Jon winning the battle of the bastards. Arya changes direction and comes face to face with Nymeria, her Direwolf. Some fans were a bit confused at Arya’s last line but I think it makes perfect sense and was a great call back to a line Arya said to Ned Stark in the first series.


Last but by no means least we have Ellaria and Yara on their way to Kings Landing Via Dorne and some heavy flirting when they are attacked by Euron Greyjoy. Gory deaths and manic action a plenty in the final moments as not one but two sand snakes are taken down by the madness that is Euron. Theon bolting when faced with Euron capturing his sister was an interesting development as it shows just how much he is still being affected by his time as Reek.

Once again this episode is setting up some really cool things to come while providing us with a bit of action at the end to keep things interesting. That action may have been a bit difficult to see and keep up with but one things for sure, I really can’t wait to see what happens next.


Episode 3: The Queen’s Justice Trailer


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