Game of Thrones S7: EP3 The Queen’s Justice

Can you believe it, we are at episode three already and with only seven episodes that means we are almost halfway through the current series. There is a lot going all across Westeros but most of the action focuses on three main locations with a few surprises in store as well. If you have seen the episode then great but if not beware of spoilers below.


The meeting that fans have been waiting to see finally happened this week when Jon and Davos landed at Dragonstone. Watching Jon Snow go up against Danerys Targarian was a fantastic way to start an episode and I really liked how Jon had to stop Davos revealing to much about his death.

Meanwhile the other queen and current holder of the Iron Throne Cersei receives Ellaria and her sand snake as gifts from Euron while he keeps Yara for himself. Cersei’s got a bit of justice for Myrcella in a very cruel way while monologging to her hearts content while Jamie got a bit of action both on and off the battlefield although perhaps we have to be a bit thankful that we didn’t get to see that much of either.


Danerys and Cersei are not the only ones who know how to rule it seems as we see Sansa inspecting preparations at Winterfell. Littlefinger also has a bit more to say this week but just as he was trying to get his point across who should show up but Bran Stark. While it is always good to see a Stark reunion Bran’s choice to conversation was just a bit creepy.

The Lannister home of Casterly Rock made its first appearance on Game of Thrones this week. Tyrion told us a lot through voiceover as the unsullied took the castle only to find that they had been outwitted by team Cersei. Another cool location used for the first time was Highgarden, home of Olenna Tyrell. Olenna always gave as good as she got and I am glad that she was able to get one last jibe in before her gracious exit from the show.


Lastly can I say how nice it was to see a scene with Sam Tarly in it that wasn’t disgusting or Gross. I was also glad to see that Jorah is feeling better and we even got a nice shot of Bronn. Theon was fished out the water while Varys and Melisandre had a nice little chat atop the cliffs of Dragonstone.  Overall a nice episode with a great ending.


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