Game of Thrones S7 EP5: Eastwatch

Spoilers ahead for the fifth episode of Game of Thrones series 7 where we learn some new information and old faces return to the world of westeros. This episode was not quite as fiery as the last one but it did have a lot going on and it is certainly setting up for some interesting events to come.


Episode five began with Bronn dragging Jamie form the water, I had no doubt he would survive but it was fun to watch Bronn berate him anyways. Meanwhile Drogon stepped in to help convince the defeated lannister army to bend the knee. Only Randall Tarly and his son declined the offer and so met their fiery end, literally.

Bran popped up briefly in this episode in order to give us an insight into the progress of the Night king and his army. Watching Bran warg into the crows and seeing their flight past the wall was pretty cool. However one of the coolest moments was when Jon had a moment with Drogon, who knows maybe we will even get to see him ride one of Dany’s Dragons one day.


Game of Thrones has had many theories and one of those may have come a step closer to being confirmed this week with a trip to Oldtown. Gilly discovery that Rheagar annulled his marriage and wed someone new in Dorne is a big step toward the R+L = J theory but it was all but swept under the rug with Sam’s frustration with the citadel.

One of the many things that fans have been asking of Game of Thrones is where Gendry went after Davos saved him back in series 3. This week that question was finally solved when Davos found him in the Flea-bottom area of Kings Landing which is nice as this is where Ned found him back in series 1.








Meanwhile Tyrion had a nice catch up with his brother Jamie thanks to Bronn and to top it off Cersei is pregnant and knew all about the secret meeting. We also got to see Gendry use his sweet looking hammer for the first time which was pretty cool even if it did mean the end of a couple of gold cloaks.

Back in Winterfell Sansa had to deal with some complaints from the northern lords and we got to see a bit of tension between Sansa and Arya. Littlefinger also popped up in this episode after Arya stalked him and found the Raven message that he had hid. Now I have no idea how this will play into the story but I can’t wait to find out.


Jon, Jorah, Tormund, Beric, Thoros, the Hound and Gendry all recognising each other at Eastwatch was such a great scene. All of them have had really good scenes together in the past and I can’t wait to see what happens next as the venture out beyond the wall.



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