Game of Thrones S7 EP6: Beyond The Wall

Game of Thrones series seven had its penultimate episode last night and as we all know the second to last episode is when major things go down and this was no exception. The bulk of the action and dialogue took place in the north and beyond the wall. If you have not seen the episode then I would suggest doing so as there will be spoilers here.


Last weeks episode saw Jon, Jorah, the Hound, Beric, Thoros, Tormund, and Gendry set off on their mission beyond the wall. Along the way Gendry berates Beric and Thoros for selling him to Melisandre while Tormund and the Hound talk about Brienne. The best bit was Jon and Jorah’s conversation as it really showed their friendship and mutual respect for each other.

Meanwhile back in Winterfell Arya uses an opportunity to reminisce about her father to confront Sansa about the letter she wrote back in series 1 which Littlefinger clearly left for her to find. Later on in the episode Sansa finds Arya’s faces and the two of them have another brilliant scene together. Littlefinger seems to be doing a lot of work but where it will all lead is anyones guess.


Back in Dragonstone Tyrion counsels Danerys about her recent actions and while things start out nice it certainly doesn’t end that way. The conversation between them has a lot going on and reveals a lot about the feelings Danerys may have for Jon Snow. It also does a great job of showing why Tyrion is a good hand while also showing the divide between them.

Back beyond the wall and we get our first taste of the danger our seven characters are in when they are attacked by a giant undead polar bear. When watching the fight I found it a bit challenging to work out what was going on but overall I thought it was pretty cool.  I also really liked their mini skirmish when the captured a wight as it was awesome to see Jon destroy another white walker.


However the best bit of the episode was when the the army of the dead came after them and trapped them in the middle of a frozen lake. While waiting for Gendry to run back to Eastwatch for help Thoros passes away from when the bear bit him. This is bad news for Beirc who is now on his final life after losing his lifeline.

The Hound throwing rocks and accidentally revealing it was safe for the wights to attack triggered the start of an epic fight for survival. With the Night King watching and wights attacking on all sides things were not looking good however at least I could follow what was going on in this battle. Although one of the coolest shots was when Danerys rode in on her Dragons, barbecuing wights left right and centre. 


The tides of battle seemed to be turning, that is until the Night King took matters into his own hands and shot down Danny’s dragon Viserion with a perfectly aimed spear. It was a devastating blow and a really cool shot indeed. However the coolest shot has to be the final shot of the episode when the Night King walked over to Viserion and claimed him as one of his own.


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