Top Ten Films of 2017

Once again we reach that period of time where we look back on the last twelve months of cinema. It has been a busy year full of great films and even one or two that surprised me. So without further ado here is my top ten list of films that came out or I saw for the first time in 2017.


10) Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures tells the story of Katherine G. Johnson,Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. Films that are based on real events always hold a special kind of interest for me and I really liked the way this story was told. The casting was brilliant and

The story is about a team of African American women who provided NASA with the important mathematical data which helped them launch the program’s first successful missions to space.


9) Paddington 2 

The sequel to 2014’s incredible film paddington was always going to be good and this one did not disappoint. Paddington 2 features a whole host of talented actors and gives every member of the family a bit more to do. The film also had a rather nice ending and if only it had a bit more to it then it might have made it a bit higher up this list.


8) Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman finally hit the big screen in her first solo adventure in 2017 and what a film it was. A classic fish out of water story with kick-ass slow motion fight sequences and an engaging story. The CG towards the end let the film down a little for me but for the most part this film was a triumph and I really hope that we get to see more female led super-hero films.


7) A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls was one of the first films that I saw this year and right as I walked out of the cinema i knew that it was going to be in my top ten list. The performances in this film are incredible and I really liked the way in which this story was told. It also included one of the most emotional endings to a film that I saw last year and it is well worth checking out if you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet.


6) Wind River 

Wind River is a well told story featuring brilliant performances from Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen who are better known for their roles as Hawkeye and scarlet Witch in the MCU. It is the story of a veteran tracker who helps an FBI Agent investigate a murder of a young native american woman. The film handles the story with grace and dignity in a way that is interesting and engaging.


5) Baby Driver 

Baby Driver by Edgar Wright is full on right from the very start of the film and features one hell of a soundtrack. Ansel Elgort is not someone I particularly have much interest in as an actor but for whatever reason he works brilliantly in this film. The performances in this film are pretty cool and while the story may be straightforward, it is told in a very interesting way.


4) Spiderman Homecoming 

Ever since Tom Hollands spiderman popped up in Captain America Civil War and was well received, everyone became excited for a solo project. Homecoming finally delivered the spiderman that we have always wanted, especially after the disappointing efforts of the last few attempts. Michael Keaton as the Vulture was a pretty cool villain and I the interactions between him and Spiderman were cool as was the inclusion of Iron Man.


3) Blade Runner 2049

Sequels can be a difficult thing to pull off especially when so much time has passed since the original came out but Denis Villeneuve pulled it off. An incredible performance from Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, the cinematography of Roger Deakins brought the film to life and while it has a runtime of 164 mins there was not a moment that went by that I wasn’t glued to the screen.


2) Logan  

With the release of the 3rd and final solo wolverine film Hugh Jackman has now been playing the clawed superhero for over 17 years. The first two solo efforts came out to very mixed reactions but this time around the mutants are all gone and Professor X is deteriorating in spectacular fashion. Logan is dark and gritty and everything we ever wanted from a Wolverine film, it even features a Noir version that I hear is pretty cool.



1) The Big Sick

The Big Sick is based on the true story how Pakistan-born comedian Kumail Nanjiani and grad student Emily Gardner who contracts a mysterious illness in the early days of their relationship. The story features a clash of cultures, a lot of humour and two brilliant performances by the talented Ray Romano and Holly Hunter. I would highly recommend checking this one out if you ever get the chance.


Honorable mentions go to Star Wars the Last Jedi, Moonlight, Fences, Dunkirk, John Wick Chapter 2 and Patty Cake$. I am sure there are probably a ton more incredible films that I didn’t even get to see last year. Let me know which ones I missed and what would be on your top ten lists.



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