Game of Thrones S8 EP1: Winterfell

Game of Thrones has finally returned to our screens. The hit series took a break in 2017 because of the amount of work needed to conclude such an incredible series in only 6 episodes. Before I go any further there will be spoilers in this post so do yourself a favour and watch the episode first.

The first episode of series 8 had a lot of callbacks to earlier episodes starting with a kid climbing like Bran used to do and ending with, well the reason Bran can’t climb like he used to do (can’t wait to see how that reunion goes down).


Jon Snow and his new Queen Daenerys arrival in the Winterfell brought about a ton of reunions including Jon and Bran and a rather awkward reunion between Tyrion and the lady of Winterfell Sansa Stark. Meanwhile Arya’s reunion with Hound went about as well as could be expected since she left him to die back in series 4. However her reunion with Gendry was so cute and a lovely callback to series 2 when he first found out who she was.

However the reunion that I have been waiting the most for was the one between Jon and Arya. Ever since they were separated by fate back in the first series I have been looking forward to seeing them reunite and I was not disappointed. Those two work fantastically together and I loved how close they are and how they can be open with each other about the things that really matter.


Kings Landing also makes an appearance with both Cersei and Euron both getting a bit of what they want, well apart from the elephants anyways. Meanwhile Bronn receives a lovely looking crossbow from Qyburn and I think it will be interesting to see whether he takes up the queen’s offer. Something else that was interesting was seeing Theon choose to head back to Winterfell instead of heading back to the Iron Islands with his rescued Sister Yara.


Back in the North Jon Snow got to go dragon riding and have some fun in the snow with Daenerys under the watchful eye of said dragons of course. This episode wasn’t all fun and games however as Daenerys went to thank Sam for helping Jorah not realising she had barbecued his dad and brother after the loot train attack.

Sam’s family never really cared for him but it was still heartbreaking to see his reaction to the news of their deaths. John Bradley who plays Sam Tarly is an incredible actor and watching him go from receiving such horrible news to telling Jon about his true lineage was absolutely fantastic to watch. GoT-S9E1-7

Lastly it was great to find out what happened to those who were atop the wall when it cam down, even if they were left a creepy message by the Night King.

In this review I have talked as much about reunions as Vin Diesel does about family and that is because it was a major focus for this episode. This episode was more than worth the wait and I am so excited to see what happens in the final five episodes from series 8 of Game of Thrones.




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