Game of Thrones S8 EP2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

The Things We Do For Love.


After taking the bank holiday of to do some gaming I am back with another post about series 8 of Game of Thrones. As usual there will be spoilers here so if you haven’t seen the episode yet I suggest you do that first.

After last week”s episode concluded with a dramatic stare-down between Bran and his old friend Jamie Lannister who kindly pushed him out a tower way back in series 1 there was only one way for this story to go. Jamie on trial in front on Daenerys but luckily for him Brienne trusts and Sansa trusts her and Bran, well Bran kept quiet.


Jamie Lannister had a lot to do in this episode with several conversations with Tyrion, Bran and Brienne who is surprised he hasn’t insulted her yet. Meanwhile Daenerys and Sansa have a heart warming moment, well up to a point anyways and Davos comforts a new recruit with the help of Gilly.

After a slightly frosty reunion between Arya and the Hound last week, they got to have a much more heartwarming moment this time around which was nice to see. Later Arya continued her flirtation with Gendry with some impressive knife throwing skills which led to seeing her cool new weapon and the two of them getting together while they still can was nice if a little awkward to watch.


Speaking of reunions we also had a nice moment between Theon and Sansa who haven’t seen each other since he helped her escape Ramsey at the end of the 5th series. However that is not all Jon and Sam also have reunions when Edd, Beric and Tormund finally get back to Winterfell after their eventful stop in last week’s episode.

We also got to see Jorah counselling Daenerys about Tyrion but my favourite scene with him in this episode was the one he had with Sam Tarly. Lyanna Mormont started off the scene in the best way possible by deciding to fight alongside her men. Sam arrives soon after and talks to Jorah about what Jorah’s father meant to him, prompting him to hand over his own families valyrian steel sword Hearts-bane.


However my absolute favourite scenes began with Jamie and Tyrion reminisce about the first time they came to Winterfell when they are joined by Brienne, Podrick, Ser Davos and Tormund. Watching them all talking about past battles, Tormund and his weird Giant’s milk story and Podrick singing were all nice to see. Although the best bit was when Jamie Knighted Brienne and the look on her face was one of pure joy, it was well deserved and long overdue.

Last but not least we have Jon and Daenerys in the Crypts of Winterfell. Jon having avoided Daenerys for most of the episode finally tells here about his true family history much to her dismay. However the two of them don’t really have time to talk about what this all means as the Night King and his army have finally arrived at Winterfell.


Next week’s episode looks set to be one of the biggest on screen battles since the battle at Helms deep and I for one am super excited.

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