Game of Thrones S8 EP3: The Battle for Winterfell

Spoilers Beware:

Game of Thrones with its third episode of series 8, after this we only have three episodes left to go until it is all over. After the first two weeks the pieces are finally in place for a dramatic showdown between the living and the dead.


Much of this series has focused on Winterfell and this episode is no exception. The Battle lines have been drawn with many of the major characters on the front lines. Melisandre makes her return to Winterfell turning the Dothraki’s swords to flame before they set off to fight the army of the dead alongside Ghost and Jorah. However as cool as that was the triumph soon faded when one by one their lights went out.


Jorah made a lucky escape from that while Ghost disappeared again, hopefully he’ll turn up again next week. However things soon go sideways when the dead fight back and we see Sam fall over. Ed being the good guy that he is helps him out but in doing so he takes several strikes to the back. Meanwhile in the crypts people are safe, that is until the dead are raised and all hellbreaks loose. No idea who died down there but at least Sansa and Tyrion had a nice moment together.


The second most notable death comes when a giant breaks through Winterfell’s defences and who but Lyanna Mormont is there to great him. Lyanna has become something of a fan favourite after several impressive scenes over the last few series and while it would have been nice to see her survive I am so happy that not only didn’t she go out without a fight but she also courageously took out a giant.

The battle was not just on the ground but in the skies as well as Jon and Daenerys took on the Night King above Winterfell. Watching the fighting in the skies was incredible to see. Everything from the snow storm to the blue dragon flame was absolutely brilliant and we even got to see some close quarters dragon on dragon fighting reminiscent of the legendary dance of dragons.


Meanwhile Arya put her weapon to good use, taking out many wights in front of Ser Davos who clearly was impressed before ducking inside Winterfell. I particularly liked watching her sneak her way around a library full of bookish wights. Seeing the Hound panicking but still coming to her aid was great to see as was watching Beric give his life to ensure her safety.

Earlier in the episode we saw Arya lock eyes with Melisandre and now we got to see the two of them interact for the first time since series 3. I also liked the nice callback to Syrio Forel with the god of death and the not today line. Meanwhile Daenerys tried and failed to barbecue the Night King with dragon flame in what was a pretty cool sequence. A one on one fight between the Night King and Jon also looked likely but the former brought the dead back to life.



Watching the dead swarm Drogon put Daenerys into a dangerous position as it forced her off her dragon and onto the battlefield. Luckily Jorah found and helped protect her from an onslaught of wights. What was lovely was when Daenerys also found a sword and we got to see them fight side by side until Jorah could fight no more. For him to die in the arms of the one he loved was a fitting end for such an amazing character.

While everyone has been fighting and dying on the battlefield, Bran has been sitting in the Godswood with the Ironborn. When the time comes, the Ironborn fight valiantly but to no avail. The Night King has come for Bran but luckily there is enough time for Theon to receive absolution before dying an heroic death. Nothing stood between him and Bran and I was sure that hes time was up.


However at the last second Arya comes flying in, surprising everyone but the Night King who grabs her out of mid air. Unfortunately for him Arya quickly switches her blade to her free hand and with one Strike eliminates the Night King. Suddenly his generals are shattered, his entire army destroyed and all with three episodes still to go.

No idea what will happen next but as all that is left is Cersei, the battle for the Iron Throne and 3 episodes to do it in. Things are going to get interesting pretty quickly.



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