Game of Thrones: The Final 3

Life has been pretty busy recently which has meant that I have been unable to spend time writing my posts about this show liked I had hoped. So I thought I would talk about the last three episodes here in this post so if you haven’t watched them yet then this is the only warning you will get.

The Last of the Starks:


The episode began with the survivors saying goodbye to those that they had lost during the long night and focused a lot on the celebrations. I really loved watching all the little moments between the characters including the one between Sansa and the Hound. One of the other bits I really liked was Gendry getting the recognition he deserved followed by a great moment between him and Arya.

Other bits of this episode I liked was the scene where Jon deciding to tell his sisters who he really is and the conversation Tyrion and Jamie were having. I mostly like the last one for Bronn’s interruption. Speaking of great conversations, I really liked the one between Tyrion and Varys after finding out about Jon. Pure brilliance.


We also got a couple more deaths in this episode when Melisande was beheaded atop the walls of Kings Landing after a tense negotiating scene. However the biggest shock came when Rhaegal was knocked out of the sky with several scorpion bolts which seemingly came out of nowhere .

The Bells:


Was not sure what to expect with the episode but whether you liked it or not dam that was something to behold. Varys was up to his little games again but thanks to Tyrion he finally had to pay the price for his actions. Tyrion and Jamie then another great scene in which he hoped to set up a peaceful end the war.

When the battle at Kings Landing eventually starts we get some cool shots of Daenerys annihilating the Iron Fleet as well as the Golden Company who didn’t really get to do a whole lot. Meanwhile on the ground we get some fighting and an eventual surrender. That is until Daenerys decides to decimates Kings Landing and all the people unlucky enough to be in her path.


I really liked the final scene between Arya and the Hound as those two have been great together and it was a brilliant way to say goodbye. Speaking of goodbye’s, we finally got to see Cleganebowl. Everything from the death of Qyburn, the awkwardness of Cersei to the amazing backdrop for a fight we have been waiting years to see. Loved it.

The Iron Throne:


And so we come to the final episode. There was no way it was going to please everyone and if you look online that is abundantly clear. However I did. I liked the way it wrapped up the Song of Ice and Fire. I enjoyed the speech Daenerys made and the way that Tyrion threw away the Hand of the King. The conversations he had with Jon was so good to see.

The opening of this episode was so quiet and what little sound present was amazingly well done. One of the best examples of this was when Tyrion uncovered Jamie and Cersei who had died under rubble. We got such raw emotion from that character coupled with the most soulful use of what sounded like the rains of castermere.

Daenerys finally makes it to the Throne room and finds it covered in ash, something fans will remember for one her visions back in the house of the undying. After what Daenerys did in the penultimate episode we all knew she wouldn’t last long and the scene between her and Jon was so well done. Watching Drogon come mourn for her by melting the Iron Throne was an impressive sight to be sure.


14-courtesy-of-hbo-1558332698895All that is left after that is to wrap things up by deciding what to do about Tyrion, Jon and the Seven Kingdoms. To do this we get a great scene featuring Tyrion, Davos, Brienne, a grown Robin Arryn and Edmure Tully who is still around (somehow). We also get a great line from Sam Tarly who thinks the people should decide to which the nobles laugh and I had a bit of a giggle at.

However while some may not have liked all this I really liked the idea of Bran as the new king of the six kingdoms with Sansa getting her own Queen of the North moment. Tyrion being made to be hand again was just great and the final small council meeting was nice if a little corny at times.


Arya meanwhile decides to take a trip west, hopefully that will go better than the last time someone attempted it. Meanwhile Jon arrives at Castle Black and heads north with Tormund, Ghost and the free folk. Fans were unhappy when Jon failed to say goodbye to Ghost properly in episode 4 so I am glad he finally made it right this time around.

Game of Thrones has been amazing to watch from start to finish. Sure they’ve had some bumpy moments and the final series has been pretty divisive but overall I have enjoyed it a hell of a lot. Every betrayal, every battle, every bit of intrigue and all of the amazing acting I have loved has finally come to and end.

If you have watched it all then let me know your thoughts down in the comments.


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