The Month by ME: January 2021

It is finally over. Whom amongst us thought that January would end or that we would even make it through in one piece. It was another month in a long series of months that feel like they went on forever and all it brought us was another Lockdown. At least before we had Christmas to look forward to and the first Lockdown even saw some absolutely glorious weather. This time around we just had the cold.

January began with me at work while my friends celebrated the start of the new year with an online call. Those first two nights of the year were super quiet but perhaps I should have appreciated them more given a return to shielding was soon on the horizon. Still a little while of staying at home even more would give me ample time to play more games and watch even more films.

Defeating the Picts

Assassins Creed Valhalla was the main game during January as it had been since November. The Lockdown really gave me a lot of time to unlock Excalibur, Mjonir as well as time to complete the main story. I don’t know if I like this game as much as the previous one but it was jolly good fun gallivanting around their version of Viking England.

Slay the Spire and Minecraft were two other games that I spent a lot of time on this month. Slay the Spire was a more recent acquisition of mine and I really enjoy the deck building aspect of it. I I finally managed to beat a run for the first time as the Defect, if you haven’t played it then I would highly recommend checking it out on steam. As for Minecraft I have mostly spent a lot of time on there improving my projects and helping my friends with theirs. I joined a Minecraft server back in April 2020 and have since enjoyed many a evening in the company of such a wonderful community.

Making an Ice farm with the boys

Alas there was a lot more to this month than just gaming. It also gave me the opportunity to watch a lot more films with the family. While not all were successful I did enjoy watching films such as The Dig, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and Searching for Bobbie Fischer. All available on Netflix by the way (not a sponsor but Netflix is you are reading this then hit me up).

Speaking of Netflix I also caught up on Star Trek Discovery which I have been watching with Dad and I have to say that I really enjoyed this series. The end in particular gave me the same good feeling I got from when Voyager returned home from the Delta Quadrant. A sense of hope for the future of Trek. I also watched Disenchantment which was decent enough and I finally jumped aboard the Bridgerton Hype train. As of writing this I still have two episodes to go but this has been a good watch. I certainly do enjoy a series that is set in the past but with a modern twist.

On The Underground (solo play)

Last but not least I even managed to get some board gaming although it still does seem strange to do it all online now. Still I managed 17 plays of which 7 were of Cartographers. A fun game that I play on a site called Happy Meeple which is a site and a game I would highly recommend checking out. I also managed to get two plays of On the Underground at the table which I haven’t had the motivation to do for a while. One game was using its excellent solo mode while the other I played against my dad. While not much of a gamer I thought he did excellently and the result was a very close.

For anyone wondering yes I did manage to get out for a few walks during all of this, even with it being pretty cold most of the time. I am lucky in that where I live I can get out for walks with not to many people about. Most people are pretty good at social distancing although there is still the odd person who has yet to get the memo.

A nice local spot I rediscovered after many many years

Overall despite having to shield yet again I don’t think it has been a bad month. I am looking forward to things getting back to normal however, whenever that may be. I hope you enjoyed reading my account of this month. Hopefully I will keep the motivation to do one of the each month and who knows maybe there will be other blog posts in the future.

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