The Month by ME: February 2021

Welcome back everyone. I enjoyed writing last months post so much I thought I’d come back and keep it going. Having the motivation to start something like this is one thing, it is entirely something far greater to keep it going

February got off to an interesting start with an invitation to book my first covid vaccination at a place only a short drive away. The only complication came from the news that it would be snowing when I was due to have the jab. Well the day of the jab came and the snow was no where near as bad as was feared, the place was well run and I got to enjoy a rather scenic car ride on the way home. However that wasn’t the only snow day, it returned for a few days and I was able to go out and enjoy it for a little while.

One of the other things I enjoy about February is watching the Superbowl. I may not be the biggest sports fan in the world and while I don’t really have any particular teams that I support, I do enjoy watching a big event such as this. I find I am always learning something about that sport and even through the writing was on the wall for that game pretty early on it was still a decent watch, even if I did save the second half for after I caught up on my sleep.

February also saw a return to playing Spiderman Miles Morales, a game which I had played through near the end of last year. New game plus and completing the remaining trophies was my goal and soon after I had my 2nd platinum. The first came from the original Spiderman PS4 game and so it seemed fitting to get the platinum here as well. Maybe one day I will get a platinum trophy in a non Spiderman game.

Speaking of achievements in games I have also managed to complete my first daily climb on Slay the Spire and well as unlocking Ascension modes for all the characters. However not all my gaming experiences have been positive this month. The most frustrating of all came from Minecraft where I lost a lot of valuable items in the process of helping out a friend. It was not a great day for me but luckily my friends were there to help support me. The people I play that game with really are a brilliant group and have helped me lot throughout the past year.

Finally got round to watching the final Netflix series of The chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a show I would highly recommend. I also got around to finishing season 2 of Haikyu which was a lot of fun as well. In terms of films I ended up watching 15 of them in the past month with a mix of old and new. Some of the ones I would recommend to you would be News of the world, Late Night and I am Woman. Three very different films but all equally worth a look in my opinion. Who knows maybe I will even review them for you at some point.

The end of the month saw a few days of glorious weather otherwise known as a fools spring which I took full advantage of with some nice long walks. However the final weekend of Feb also played host to Special effects Game Blast, a charity event raising money to level the playing field for gamers with physical disabilities around the world. Four good friends did multiple streams promising all sorts of cool rewards and managed to raise a whopping £2150.

These guys did an incredible job and their just giving page will be up until the end of March so I will leave a link to that below. Feel free to check it out and donate if you can, even just sharing the page will be a big help to so many people.

Hope you all had a good month and I will see you again next month.

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