The Month by ME: April 2021

My apologies for the lateness of this upload, I usually like to get these monthly updates up at the start of the month but life and work had other ideas. Still here we are another chance to catch up. I hope you have been well.

April was a month of mixed emotion ranging from the excitement of finding out another couple I know had their first child all the way to the sadness of saying a goodbye to my grandad Lionel. The service was lovely but walking back into my Granddads place without him there was strange. That day I also got to see my cousins son for the first time and he was an absolutely delightful young chap.

During March I had got a free trial of Amazon Prime which lasted just long enough into April for me to watch a film called Palm Springs. It was an excellent Groundhog day type film and one I would definitely recommend checking out. On Netflix I also saw a few films that I would recommend are called Love and Monsters, Uncorked and Concrete Cowboy. All 3 of them are quite different from each other but all of them are worth a watch.

April also saw my brothers birthday which was also the same day life in Norwich started opening up. This meant we were able to get our haircut for the first time since last summer which was a relief. It was also a nice opportunity to have a look around the city, although I doubt I will go there much more until the cinemas open up.

Around the same time cinemas open up the board game shops will also be making a return and Norwich will also have a brand new one called Slice + Dice. Speaking of board games I also received a copy of Canvas from Kick-starter which is a lovely game about making art.


Two of my other friends had birthdays during April and during my friend Lewis’s birthday twitch stream I got to play Pummel Party for the first time. Now the stream was a good time but the game, well that was less enjoyable. This was because I had no experience of the mini games and winning in those are key if you want to be able to do anything interesting on your turn. It was nice to try the game but not sure it is one that I want to play again.

Check out my friends twitch channel here

However one game that I do want to play a lot more of is Hades. I finally started playing it last month and have been enjoying it immensely every since. I even did a couple streams of it on my own twitch channel. Hades really is a lot of fun and I have already made a lot of progress on the game. However while I am 36 hours into the game I have yet to beat the final boss and even when I do I can’t wait to discover what else the game has in store.

Check out my Twitch Channel here:

Towards the end of April I began watching Line of Duty series 6. I watched it over the course of the last week it was on and this allowed me to see the final episode live. I know it disappointed a lot of people but come on how else was it going to end. of course my reaction might have been different if I had watched it over the last few years instead of the last few months. However all I can say is the performances in Line of Duty as a whole were phenomenal and the journey was fantastic television.

One of the other things I did last month was read. I always enjoyed reading growing up but barely did any during 2020. So during April I read the first book in the Chaos walking trilogy called A knife of Never Letting Go. It was so good spending time with a good book again and I enjoyed this one so much I immediately started on the second book in the series. However you will have to check back here during the next monthly post to find out what I thought of the second book.

Other than that April also saw a return to work with a slight change to the nights I had been working before. However toward the end of the month a colleague left and I was able to start doing evening shifts instead, well with one night shift still. This was certainly a nice change of pace although it did mean that this post was delayed a little.

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