The Month by Me: May 2021

It has been a long time dear reader, my apologies for that. I usually write these at the start of the following month but this time work got in the way of that. Then life did until I eventually realised I was just making excuses and so here we are. The middle of June about to talk about May.

Right at the start of May there was a bank holiday and that was the day I did my first day shift in over a year and a half. Up until then I had almost exclusively done nights with the odd day cover here and there so a busy bank holiday shift was a lot to take in. But doing a mix of day and night meant better hours so I did my best and while I don’t know what my shifts will be like going forward I am glad that I got to work during the day, at least for a little while.

Life got in this way of this post but last month toothache was a bigger distraction. Caused by not taking care of myself as well as I should have been it also meant that I was missing out as restrictions started to lift around the same time. I did eventually manage to get the worst of it sorted at the dentist a week after it started but it took a while to recover and I am by no means out of the woods just yet.

Meanwhile I did have some things to look forward to happening. The UK Games Expo released tickets for their convention this year which I still have hope will go ahead. Also I finally beat Hades on run 52 which opened up so much more of the game. Speaking of games my Lords of Vegas kickstarter arrived and the new bits looked so cool.

Towards the end of May I started feeling a bit better and finally made it to a board game night at The Games Table in Norwich. Gaming face to face with old and new friends alike was a magical experience and I really enjoyed learning and playing so many new games. Played games such as Mandala Stones, Here to Slay and Patchwork and who knows maybe I will post about here one day. Clicking on the Instagram symbol will take you to my Instagram where I review the board-games I’ve played.

Board Game Instagram

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