The Month by ME: June 2021

Over half the year gone already, how crazy is that. June turned out to be quite a busy month with plenty of cinema, gaming and time with loved ones all thrown into the mix.

June began with a trip down to my grandparents Jean and Lionel’s old place where my dad and I helped my uncle and Cousin clear it out ready for sale. It was already sad to not see them there anymore but to see it so empty as well was a whole other thing. Over the course of the day it got a lot emptier as we made trip after trip to the local tip. It was a long tough day that was made hell of a lot easier by being able to catch up with family during it.

A few days later I took my first train tip into Norwich since March 2020 and lets just say it was a little busier than I expected. The trip was taken by train as roadworks in Norwich made travel into the city challenging this past month and I was heading to the cinema which is right by the train station anyway. At the Odeon Cinema I saw A Quiet Place part 2 which also happened to be my first film I have seen at the cinema since last October.

Ended up seeing 7 films at the cinema during June and while I enjoyed each and every one to varying degrees I did notice a worrying trend during some of them. In several films I had people talking, commentating or just being a bit annoying and I know many people haven’t been to the cinema in a while but come on people, you have got to remember your cinema etiquette. Check out my Letterboxd to see what I thought of the films I saw.

One of the best parts of June was finally being able to see my friends in person for the first time in ages. I Had seen many of them online in the month’s previous but there is something special about seeing people in person. Chatting with everyone, making new friends and seeing my friends little ones in person was so lovely that even random showers of rain couldn’t dampen my spirits.

However not all of last month was so delightful as I had to go back to the dentist to get some more work done. The only saving grace was he fact that they were able to get all done in one go so at least I wouldn’t have to go back the following week. The other fun time that month was a work meeting the day after the dentist which was previously cancelled because management wanted to watch the football earlier in the week.

Lords of Vegas

Still there was some more good during June which mostly came from playing board games with friends at The Games Table. My monthly plays have been nowhere near what they were before the pandemic but honestly I am just grateful that I have the opportunity to play any games at all. During June I played Deep Blue and Zombicide for the first time which were both interesting albeit very different experiences. I also got to play some classics in the form of Takenoko, Villagers and my copy of Lords of Vegas which I brought from home.

June had some highs and lows but overall I thought it was a good month. Seeing family and friends, going to the cinema and playing board games was the absolute best. Whatever else may happen this year I am looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

Hope you had a great month and let me know what you got up to in the comments

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