The Month by ME: September 2021

September is over and I am finally awake although thinking back on the past month most of that time seemed to be spent at work. Between Holidays and people feeling a bit under the weather I felt that a lot more time was spent working. But don’t worry I got up to some fun stuff as well.

YAY Friends

One such fun event was my friends 30th birthday which was not only a good chance to catch up with friends but also a nice opportunity to see their new place. It was my first time going to their new place and it was lovely to see them in their new place and chill with good friends. It was still pretty warm back then so we all sat out in the garden and whiled away the hours until we had to leave.

Watched some good television during September including a brilliant series called Vigil and the return of Silent Witness. I am also still watching some shows on Disney Plus and have recently been enjoying Only Murders in the Building, Marvels What If series and The Orville. All of these combined with the Flash, Supergirl and Legends of tomorrow have kept me pretty busy during the past month.

Having a lot of TV options this past month has been good as the only films I saw at the cinema during September was a film called Respect (the Aretha Franklin film) and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The latter of which had the most people I have seen in a screening since pre pandemic times. Honestly I was a little nervous about that but seeing a marvel film with such a good crowd was a lovely experience.

whomever panics please stand up

Towards the end of September people started panic buying fuel and because of this the media picked up on it. So people started to panic more and we ran out of fuel at work. Now when all this kicked off I was coming to the end of the end of a nine day streak of being at work so honestly I was pretty grateful for some quiet shifts.

Well I say quiet because during those last two night shifts my primary job seemed to be answering the phone and dealing with peoples queries. We eventually got some more fuel on the day after my weekend ended so my first one back was a busy shift spent marshaling cars on the forecourt. The delivery had come in the morning and by seven in the evening we were out again. If everyone had just carried on as normal we would have been fine but much like with the toilet roll situation at the start of all this we seem to be forever doomed to repeat ourselves. I just wonder what the next panic will be about.

NoBoG is back (Gentes is the game being played BTW)

Lets end on something a bit more positive shall we? The end of September may have meant less time at the Games Table but it did also see the Return of NoBoG. This was the first time the Norwich Board Gamers had met since the 10th of March 2020 and I was so excited to be back playing games with them at St Andrews Brew House. There may have only been 12 of us at that initial meeting but it was so lovely to see some new faces alongside our veteran players. My first game back was Die of the Dead, a recent favorite of mine and I even got my new kickstarter Streets a go as well. I am just so grateful to live near a city with so many great board gaming opportunities.

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