The Month by ME: October 2021

October began as September had ended in the midst of a fuel crisis. The first of October saw me work an extremely quiet 11 hour shift but while the craziness would persist for a while longer. By the end of October it was more like a distant memory.

Meanwhile one of my good friends turned 30 and we all had a nice get together. It was so nice to see everyone and especially the birthday girl and a friend who I had not seen since before the pandemic began. However to get there I would have to take not one but two modes of public transport. The train was the easiest but the bus times did not sync up that well and I even went one stop passed where I was supposed to get off. Luckily I made it and had a nice time. Did a little more fridge poetry while I was there and we also drew the names for Secret Santa.

The rest of October saw me thinking about what to get my secret Santa although finding a decent pair of shoes was also a major concern. Many supply chains have faced disruption and finding a decent pair of shoes in my size can be difficult at the best of times. Luckily I had a lot of help in both endevours and the shoe problem was solved. Although I fear that my gift I am getting my Secret Santa will take a while to come through. Still I am hopeful it will arrive in time.

At the start of October when I wrote about September I mentioned that the Norwich Board Gamers (NoBoG) was back and since then I have played a lot of great games. The numbers have been fairly consistent since the group came back with a good mix of new faces as well as some very good friends. We did try to do a Monday night but sadly that didn’t go ahead as planned. However I did try the monthly board game meet up at Slice + Dice which gave me an opportunity to play games with a whole different group of people. Everyone from the staff to the people I was playing with were so lovely and I am really looking forward to the next opportunity to play games at Slice + Dice.

Speaking of opportunities I also had both my flu injection and my covid Booster. The latter of which saw me in a room where I was one of the youngest people by decades, excluding the staff of course. October also gave me the opportunity to interact with new colleagues including a new manager. I also had to work my first night shift where the clocks changed, giving me an extra hour in the night and a few spooks as folks in Halloween outfits rocked up to my window.

Spooky season may have ended the month but before the Christmas people started getting excited there was one more thing to be excited by and that’s the return of Doctor Who. The Flux story got off to a great start and while it had a lot going on I am super excited to find out what happens next.

As usual I made several trips to the cinema where I saw No Time to Die, The Addams Family 2, Venom 2, Ron’s Gone Wrong and last but not least Dune. Ron’s Gone Wrong was probably the biggest surprise of the lot as I kinda of knew what I was getting with all the rest but I did not expect I would like Ron’s Gone Wrong half as much as I did.

Finished watching both the Orville and Only Murderes in the Building. Two very different shows that are currently available on Disney Plus but ones that I really enjoyed watching. I had a great time with Disney Plus but I had watched everything on there I had wanted to see and so by the end of October I switched over to Amazon prime where I could finally catch up on season 2 of both Stargirl and Star Trek Lower Decks.

There may not be that much of the year left but there is still plenty of things to look forward to doing and of course I will still be writing about them. What are you looking forward to doing in the rest of 2021?


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