Doctor Who Series 10: Smile

Bill takes her first real trip into the future with the Doctor in the second episode of series 10. The pair find themselves in a place where the Robots can only communicate through emoji and being unhappy can be dangerous for your health.


Bill wants to see if the future is happy, a state of mind that is important to the episodes plot as well as a nice nod to its title. The Earth colony is an interesting place and at first glance this story might seem a bit straight forward but it has some nice twists in there towards the end.

The story itself was written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce who also wrote the episode ‘In the Forest of the Night’ back in 2014. Compared to that episode Smile is getting a lot more positive attention and I have to say that I really liked the interplay between Bill and the Doctor this time around.



The little robots that built the earth colony turn out to be a sentient artificial intelligence and the episode itself has some interesting things to say about it. There is also a lot about living in the now while also keeping in mind those around us and that is what makes this a good episode.

Smile was the first time the Doctor’s new companion properly went to a new planet in the future and I think it worked well as an episode. However while the story was good, I don’t think this episode will stick that long in people’s memories and it certainly won’t be on anyone’s top ten list of best Doctor Who episodes.



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